About our Vets

Karen Bryant, DVM, To Your Door Lead Vet

Karen Bryant, DVM

Dr. Bryant attended Indiana University and received her Associate Degree in Nursing in 1978.  Then, while working full-time and raising a young son, she finished her Bachelor’s in Nursing in 1991. After an 18-year nursing career, she returned to school and furthered her study of medicine. She blended her love of animals and working with people into a career in veterinary medicine.  She is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and went on to advance her education with a small-animal internship at Regional Veterinary Referral Center in Washington DC. Dr Bryant is still amazed at the similarities between our pets’ medical conditions and our own.

Dr. Bryant’s professional interests include helping pets stay healthy throughout their lives (specifically through preventative care), geriatric medicine, general surgery, pain management, and hospice care.

She is an avid downhill skier and has been a member of the national ski patrol and assisted in the medical training for new patrollers. Her love of all things snow-related was no small influence when it came time to find a puppy. Dr. Bryant and her husband had the privilege of sharing their home for 8 ½ years with Cooper, a lovable Bernese Mountain Dog. Cooper’s passing due to cancer in June of 2017 is the inspiration for Heartfelt Hospice, a palliative care and hospice service offered by To Your Door Vet.

Chelsea Brodsky, CVT, To Your Door Vet Technician

Chelsea Brodsky, CVT

Chelsea grew up in Upper Michigan and always had a passion for working with animals. As a child she found ways to be involved with animals by having her own pets, helping injured wildlife, and working in shelters. She moved to Wisconsin to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and graduated from Globe University as a Certified Veterinary Technician. She worked in a busy emergency clinic for 3 years, and gained a ton of experience.  In May she had the pleasure of joining Dr. Bryant full time with To Your Door Vet. She enjoys meeting and working with clients in their home and providing the best care possible for their pets.

Dr. Katarina Luther, DVM, Cat Care Clinic Owner

Katarina Luther, DVM

Dr. Katarina Luther, fondly known as “Dr. Kat”, has considered the Madison area home since experiencing it as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. Following graduation, she worked in the corporate world at Nestle Purina within their feline pet food division.  She later took the next step to veterinary school and graduated from the UW-School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002.

Since graduation, Dr. Kat has practiced exclusively in small animal, emergency hospitals, and specialty clinics in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas.  She became involved with Cat Care Clinic many years ago and over time, assumed ownership of the clinic.  Dr. Kat and CCC’s founder, Dr. Rodan, continue to work side-by-side to provide the best in care for cats.

Dr. Kat loves interacting daily with long-standing Cat Care Clinic clients and friends, and welcoming new patients into the Cat Care family. She enjoys being actively involved with community organizations and local animal shelters.

“I enjoy mentoring staff and visiting students, and helping them reach their goals as many of my own mentors have helped me throughout my career. We have veterinarians and students from all over the country come to spend time in our clinic, due to its long-standing reputation for exceptional veterinary care and management” she says.

Most recently, Dr. Kat founded Guardian Whiskers Inc, a non-profit organization that promotes community projects to help strengthen the bond of people and their pets, as well as promote overall health and wellness. “Thanks to our collaboration with local rescues, other veterinary hospitals, vendors, and local business organizations, we have a great network to use for making a difference in our community, uniting people with the proven health benefits of pets. There are a lot of great things to come with Guardian Whiskers.”

What does Dr. Kat love about Cat Care Clinic?

“I never have a doubt that every CCC team member is looking out for the very best interest of each cat, as well as each cat parent. We have a truly special cat-loving, skilled team. With longer appointments and a focus on the whole picture of each cat’s health and home environment, we really get to know our clients.  I’m fortunate to have each and every staff member here, every cat parent, and of course every adorable cat whose life we’re given the chance to be a part of. Cat people are just good, fun people.”

Dr. Katarina Luther, DVM