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To Your Door Veterinary Health and Wellness brings quality and compassionate care to your home. We are now exclusively dedicated to serving cats as part of the Cat Care Clinic!

To Your Door joins Cat Care Clinic!

We’re elated to share that in October 2019 To Your Door Vet service and staff joined businesses with Madison’s Cat Care Clinic to focus just on cats. To Your Door no longer serves dogs, though we still love them just the same.

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About Cat Care Clinic’s To Your Door Service

The transition with Dr.Karen Bryant, founder of To Your Door Veterinary Health and Wellness and Dr. Katarina Luther, owner and medical director of Cat Care Clinic, is an exciting collaboration of two dedicated women business owners, veterinarians, philanthropists, and both graduates in the same class from the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine. They continue to work side-by-side and assure the best staff and care will be given to your cats, whether at home or in the clinic.

Meet the To Your Door team.

We love people as much as we love cats. Bringing our practice into your home allows us to become familiar with you and your pet in a relaxed environment. In-home veterinary care offers unique insights that cannot be obtained at traditional clinics.

Home visits help us to evaluate your cat’s normal environment, which can provide clues for a diagnosis and enables us to give advice for keeping them happy and healthy for years to come.

House calls are a great benefit for people as well. Some of our clients are elderly, disabled or don’t drive. The convenience of an in-home visit can allow your cat to get the care they need at a frequency recommended by your veterinarian.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule a To Your Door appointment by calling the Cat Care Clinic (608) 833-9750 or schedule through the Cat Care Clinic website. Simply select the checkbox that says “My Cat Requires a Home Visit” when you schedule.

To Your Door Vet – New Look, Same Awesome Experience

To Your Door has joined the Cat Care Clinic, and taken on a new look! The Cat Care Clinic is dedicated to exceptional cat care for felines and their parents. Dr. Bryant and Chelsea, CVT have joined the team so customers experience the same awesome experience they have come to expect from To Your Door.

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Now To Your Door has the full support of the Cat Care Clinic’s offerings too. Learn more about the Cat Care Clinic’s two convenient Madison locations and cat healthcare services.